CHildren and Kids


We long to see the character and power of Jesus flow out of children of all ages in a natural, uninhibited, and fruitful way. Children are able to interact with the Lord passionately and the Lord can move through them to change their lives, their families, communities, and the world.

TUESDAY NIGHTS: 700-8:30 at Canby Grove Christian Center

Kids are the heart and soul of how Jump-In began. They continue to be an intregal focus and part of all we do. Our hope is to help raise up a "Daniel Generation" that will serve God wholeheartedly even if under an evil ruler. We believe this generation of children, in this hour on the earth, need to hear the voice of the Lord and tangibly encounter Him to be effective in this current culture rather than being affected by the culture. 

We incorporate worship and prayer together with the opportunity for kids to learn how to pray with each other and on the microphone. Our goal is to not only to partner with God and petition heaven to change things on earth but also to help kids get comfortable with leading and praying in corporate settings. 

Times of teaching will often include practicing hearing the voice of God, through word pictures, dreams, visions, Bible verses and sharing them with others around us. It is a smaller, safer environment to practice ministering and sharing our faith in practical ways without pressure and with allowance to not always have it right. 

We believe moving in the gifts of the spirit with mercy and accuracy comes with experience. Jump-In is a safe place for everyone to learn and grow in this process. 

Currently, there is no separate class for little ones on Tues. If you are bringing children too young to take part please bring quiet activities to help them through the teaching times. We are currently looking to add a Children's minister to our Tuesday night gatherings. Please contact Angie Anderson at 503.266.5176 (main number for Canby Grove Christian Center) if you are interested. 


FRIDAY NIGHT FIRE WALL 7:00-9:00 Family gathering with worship, prayer, prophecy and Biblical teaching.   

'For I,' declares the LORD, 'will be a wall of fire around her, and I will be the glory in her midst'. Zachariah 2:5

People of all ages are gathering together on Friday nights to worship, pray, prophecy and hear the word of the Lord. Our desire is to go deeper in the Word of God and challenge ourselves to become the people of God who are preparing for the return of Jesus. 

We are looking for people to head our children's program. At this time, children stay in the meeting with families. We encourage all the kids to take part in worship and prayer lines. When the teaching begins most of the kids draw or play quietly with quiet toys in the back. If you or someone you know is interested in a paid position to head the children's ministry, please contact Angie Anderson at 503-266-5176.